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Korea Oceanographic Data Center-National Fisheries Research and Development Institute Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries


KODC H/P Members
Name Job title Activities
Young-Sang, Suh Director KODC management, International cooperation
Wonduk, Yoon Senior researcher Jellyfish information
Eunseob, Cho Senior researcher HAB information
In-Seong Han Senior researcher Data analysis, climate study
Jae-Dong, Hwang Senior researcher Satellite data management, In-situ data management
Seok-Hyun, Youn Senior researcher Ocean biodiversity information
Joon-Soo, Lee Senior researcher Data management, Argo DMQC, International cooperation
Changhoon, Han Senior researcher Biological/chemical data management, Jellyfish information
Kyoungho, Song Technical director Integrated system management
Nag-Jung, Son IT specialist ISP management
Jong-Hyun, Kim IT specialist Information system management, Security management
Sung-Hwan, Yang IT specialist Data QAQC, IT project management
Tae-Yeon, Kim IT specialist Webpage management, Research data management
In-Soo, Lee IT specialist Computer network management, Security management
Seung-Ho, Jeong IT specialist IT project management, Data QA/QC
Sunhee, Park Librarian Library management
Hae-ock, Jeong Administrative Staff Administrative support, Research support